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Age 20's

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 AGE 20’s is a brand that began with a motto to “Express the most beautiful time of all women, ' Bring back the skin of age 20’s” by reflecting women’s desire to look younger.

  • WRINKLE SMOOTHING, BRIGHTENING, SUNSCREEN (SPF 50, PA) It's a moisturizing, dewy compact filled with foundation that is infused with essence. This product includes 68 percent super hyaluronic serum, and hyaluronic acid holds 1,000 times its weight in water.
  • WELCOME TO YOUR FOREVER FOUNDATION. This Luxury K-Beauty Product does NOT clog pores; does NOT require a lot of touch-ups, is NOT "cakey," does NOT build up in layers.
  • FDA APPROVED Yes, we are an Authorized Importer from AeKyung Korea, and we are only selling Age 20's Essence Cover Foundation Pact FDA Approved, Double Check the seller's name: CELLTO should be your only source for this top selling korean skin care beauty product
  • BIG TIME SAVER Compared to Traditional Foundation: Just 1 easy step for your makeup base. It makes your skin look brighter, smoother and luminous, and also provides anti wrinkle protection with 68 percent essence serum. It gives you a flawless and natural look with nice coverage, and can last for almost a day.
  • VERY BLENDABLE and feels light on the skin. Keeps your face moist with its hydrating effect, but not wet. Great coverage, and awesome if you are looking for a foundation to keep in your purse or desk due to its compact size. Built In Mirror plus one refill included.