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AESTURA Atobarrier 365 Lotion 150mL 에스트라 아토베리어365 로션 150mL

AESTURA Atobarrier 365 Lotion 150mL 에스트라 아토베리어365 로션 150mL

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AESTURA Atobarrier 365 Lotion 150mL

에스트라 아토베리어365 로션 150mL

Experience the transformative power of our lightweight Ceramide Moisturizer, meticulously crafted to nourish and protect your skin. Here's why Aestura Atobarrier365 Lotion stands out:

  1. **Deep Hydration, Light Texture**: Our unique formula boasts a lightweight texture that effortlessly absorbs into your skin, delivering deep hydration without the heaviness or greasiness often associated with moisturizers.
  2. **Strengthening Skin Barrier**: Say goodbye to dryness and discomfort caused by a damaged skin barrier. Aestura Atobarrier365 Lotion acts as a protective shield, fortifying your skin's moisture barrier and unveiling a radiant, healthy complexion.
  3. **DermaON Technology**: Harnessing the power of patented triple-ingredient encapsulation technology, our lotion effectively delivers essential hydration to your skin. The Triple Lipid-Capsule, comprising Ceramide, Fatty Acid, and Cholesterol, ensures optimal nourishment and revitalization (*Patent No. US 8546361 B2, US 8771743 B2).
  4. **Gentle Yet Effective**: Formulated with care, our mild lotion is gentle on even the most sensitive skin types. Say goodbye to irritation and hello to supple, smooth skin for your entire family. The soft texture glides on effortlessly, leaving no sticky residue behind.
  5. **7-Free Formulation**: We believe in clean beauty. That's why our Atobarrier365 Lotion is free from mineral oil, artificial fragrance, imidazolidinyl urea, polyacrylamide, artificial dyes, triethanolamine, and PEG surfactant. Pure, effective ingredients for your peace of mind.

Discover the secret to hydrated, radiant skin with Aestura Atobarrier365 Lotion. Embrace the beauty of healthy skin, every day.

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