AESTURA ATOBARRIER365 CREAM PLUS+ 에스트라 아토베리어365 크림 플러스 장벽보습 캡슐크림


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에스트라 아토베리어365 크림 플러스

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Reinforcing damaged skin barrier:

Atobarrier 365 Cream Visible Hydrating Capsules 

100 hr long-lasting skin hydration

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  • Soothing hydration that lasts up to 100 hr, with 97% customer satisfaction
  • Reliable 6-Free formula - Animal Ingredients / Mineral Oil / Artificial Scent / Imidazolidinyl Urea / Synthetic Color / Triethanolamine
  • Featured ingredients: Ceramide, cholesterol, and fatty acid combined to boost hydration!
  • As introduced in a dermatology study, the compound of ceramide, cholesterol, and fatty acid enhances ceramide absorption by 80% compared to ceramide only.
  • The patented “DermaON” capsules ensure long-lasting, far-reaching hydration.
  • Settles deeply into the skin through hydrating capsules developed with the patented “DermaON” technology!
  • Texture: The gently melting hydrating capsules deliver calming hydration to the skin.

How to use

Step1. Apply to your face and body within 3 minafter cleansing or showering.
Step2. Gently apply to dry areas.
Step3. Hold your face in your hands for better absorption.