Age 20's Essence Cover Pact - HJ Volume Essence SPF50+/PA++++ 14g 에이지 투웨니스 에센스 커버 팩트 에이치제이 볼륨 에센스 SPF50+/PA++++ 14g

Age 20's

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-Produce: Korea

-Volume: 14g



1. An essence cover pact that contains a moist 73% essence inspired by diamonds and a 4 in 1 latte with a high level of technology.

2. High-volume hyalurogen ingredient Collagen and hyaluronic acid are liposomes to complete a moist and firm volume.

3. Age 20's Essence Cover Pact that presents the beauty you want with a different price.

4. Contains 30% lotus extract to improve moisturizing feeling with a moist and firm shape-memory texture.



NO 21

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