CLIO Air Glass Sun Cushion SPF50+ PA++++ 25g x 2ea 클리오 빙하수 쿠션 SPF50+ PA++++ 25g x 2ea


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Why we love it
CLIO, the No.1 cushion foundation brand, launched a new sun cushion with our know-how and technology.
Achieves UV protection, skin tone improvement by reflecting light, and soothing effect.
A must-have item for outdoor activities that is praised by social media influencers.
Consumers who bought and used the product said it has no white cast and no stickiness which makes it perfect for summer, is lightweight, brightens the skin tone, and gives a cooling effect and a glow to the skin.
A single layer ensures a 12-hour protection from UV rays. UV protection test completed. Features SPF50+ and PA++++.
Without a white cast and dryness, the product lights up the skin tone and makes the skin look clear and healthy.
Offers the advantages of chemical and physical sunscreens at once, without a white cast.
A combination of a chemical sunscreen that absorbs UV rays and a physical sunscreen that reflects UV rays.
Reduces irritations and a white cast while being easier to spread.

Featured ingredients
The new and exclusive Prism Powder formula adheres firmly to the skin. The polygonal structure of powder particles reflect light, allowing the skin to look clear like a glass.
The polygonal structure leaves no gaps, thereby preventing creasing. The hexagonal particles are built up densely, which gives the skin an even and flawless complexion.
The Ethanol-free sun cushion without irritating cooling effect. A mild and soothing product for daily use that is free of 26 allergens and Paraben.
Infused with pure Canadian Glacial Water, the product contains minerals and hydrating particles that cool down the skin without any irritation.
The hydrating ingredient sourced from the Antarctic, the patented Soothing Cooler Complex, and 80 plant-based ingredients cool down the heated skin and replenishes moisture.
Contains Antarcticine that absorbs moisture and boosts hydration.
Contains Soothing Cooler Complex that absorbs heat from the skin and reduce irritation.
Contains Agave Tequilana Extract that has a powerful soothing and calming effect.
Contains 80 plant-based ingredients that has a powerful soothing and calming effect on the skin damaged by environmental stressors.

How to use
1. Take a reasonable amount with the provided puff.
2. Pat the puff on facial areas that require UV protection. Pat the puff on the neck, arms, legs, etc.

A special set with a refill