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fwee TINT SUEDE ver. 5g 6 Colors / 퓌 틴트 스웨이드 5g

fwee TINT SUEDE ver. 5g 6 Colors / 퓌 틴트 스웨이드 5g

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Product Info
Why we love it
fwee Tint Suede is an adhesive color tint that blends to the lips like a feather and is comfortably fixed without mottled coloration.
fwee Tint Suede is selected and recommended by a beauty influencer VUARA for the tints soft and moist real suede texture on the outside and a moist inside, without any keratin exploitation nor lost colorization, and color maintenance throughout the day with one single application.
According to actual customer reviews, fwee Tint Suede is recommended for those who doesnt want to feel embarrassed after the lip color smudges off after a meal, who wants to avoid their lip wrinkles from being emphasized, who wants to feel comfortable using it as a daily tint, and wants a tint that doesnt erase in the inner lips.
It is a clean, non-staining lip color that permeates only to the surface of the lips.
It is a go-to color product that covers only the unattractive lip color with an attractive color.
You can feel the long-lasting high-adherence color, as the color sticks to the lips without mottled coloration.
Since it doesnt stain, the first coat remains even after reapplying, so it is easy to fix the makeup.
It is not a heavy velvet, but a light and comfortable suede.
It covers only the unattractive color of the lips and keeps the attractive color all day long.
The best color match combinations are 02 Dry Rehearsal and 04 Flower Shower for cool tones, 01 Another Base and 03 Sunday Picnic for warm tones, and 08 Morning Glow and 07 Unnamed A for mute tones.
It is a product that helps you always make your moment perfect.

Featured ingredients
It is a powder-embedded oil that moisturizes the skin without feeling painful or dry.
The oil wrapped in powder settles on the lips moistly without drying, so there is no worry of smearing on masks or coffee cups.

How to use
Take an appropriate amount on the inside of the lips and apply it gently.
01 Another Base is a base color for everyone with a hint of coral reflected in the nude.
02 Dry Rehearsal is a calm and subtle mauve-colored base like lilac in the morning mist.
03 Sunday Picnic is a pink grapefruit color made by mixing a drop of orange with a well-ripe grapefruit in sunlight.
04 Flower Shower is a clear purple pink color as if all the pretty flowers in the world were finely ground.
05 Fwee Red is the signature real red of lively Puy that is neither biased towards pink nor orange.
06 Good Girl Gone Bad is a clear and deep red color that looks like biting off a bright red cherry.
07 Unnamed A is a lively rose color without dullness made by finely drying red roses.
08 Morning Glow is a cozy and warm pink coral color like the color of dawn.
09 Evening Suncatcher is a dreamy muted plum pink color like outside the window at sunset.
10 Night Fall is a deep brown red color like the twilight darkness in a quiet forest.
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