fwee Tint Glass ver. 4.2g 6 Colors / 퓌 틴트 글래스 4.2g


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fwee Tint Glass ver. 4.2g 6 Colors / 퓌 틴트 글래스 4.2g

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EXP. 05/25/2024
Product Info

Why we love it
This is the first glass tint from FWEE that transparently covers the lips as if they have been drinking water.
It is a water-film glossy glass tint that fills up as it gets louder.
The afterglow remains even when the color and the light film are separated, yet the pure vitality is maintained by the FWEE's signature method.
FWEE tint glass has a refreshing glass texture and a water film is formed to create transparent lips as if drinking water.
It always helps to make your smile more fresh.

Featured ingredients
You can feel the clear shine that is not easily broken with the three-layer oil.
Rather than turning dark the more you apply it, a color like watercolor paint is added to give it the fine transparency.
It is a real moist tint with 40% high moisture and a moisturizing layer film that holds moisture, so you can enjoy it without drying out.

How to use
Take an appropriate amount and apply it naturally from the inside to the outside of the lips.
Due to the features of the formula with high moisture content, separation due to saliva may occur when the product is used repeatedly, and exchange or return is not possible due to this.

01 Candy Bubble is a delicate blossom pink color.
02 Sunny Dew is a daily standard orange peach color.
03 Unnamed B is an MLBB rose color that enhances complexion.
04 Icing Drop is a muted plum color that does not float.
05 Pink Dive is a bright baby pink color.
06 Summer Bay is a lively cool berry pink color.