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GS Jumbo Ramen Series Omori Jumbo Dosirak 지에스 점보 라면 시리즈 오모리 점보 도시락

GS Jumbo Ramen Series Omori Jumbo Dosirak 지에스 점보 라면 시리즈 오모리 점보 도시락

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GS Jumbo Ramen Series Omori Jumbo Dosirak

지에스 점보 라면 시리즈 오모리 점보 도시락

Introducing the third installment in GS25's wildly popular jumbo ramen series: GS Jumbo Ramen Series - Omori Jumbo Dosirak. This new addition follows the success of the Jumbo Dosirak, Jumbo Bigim Ramen and Gongganchun, offering a substantial serving size and a rich, flavorful experience that's perfect for ramen lovers seeking a hearty meal.

The GS25 Jumbo Omori Dosirak has quickly captured the hearts of consumers, selling over 20,000 units within just 18 days of its launch. This premium line product is a testament to the high-quality ingredients and generous portion sizes that have become a hallmark of GS25's offerings. With enough ramen to serve eight people, it's ideal for sharing with friends or family, or for those with a particularly big appetite.

Preparation is both simple and convenient. Each package contains eight individual ramen portions, two packets of garnish soup, one packet of ramen soup, and one packet of Omori kimchi soup. To enjoy, simply add 2.2 liters of hot water and wait five minutes. The result is a delicious, hearty meal with a deep, rich broth enhanced by the savory flavors of kimchi.

Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Many have praised the depth of the broth and the well-balanced kimchi flavor. While some find the taste milder than other GS25 ramen products, the less acidic profile has been appreciated for its palatability. However, the large portion size can be a bit much for a single person, making it perfect for sharing.

The GS25 Jumbo Omori Dosirak is not just a meal; it's an experience. With its impressive sales milestone, contributing significantly to the 2.7 million units sold in the Jumbo Dosirak series, it’s clear that consumers are loving this product. As each new product in the series has been priced higher, reflecting its premium status, GS25 continues to cater to the growing demand for large-portion, high-quality ramen.

Looking ahead, GS25 is already preparing to launch a fourth product in this popular series, continuing to innovate and meet the needs of ramen enthusiasts. The GS25 Jumbo Omori Dosirak is more than just a convenient meal option – it's a flavorful journey that's perfect for any occasion.


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