INCELLDERM Lifening Deep Talks (330g) 5.5g x 60ea 인셀덤 라이프닝 딥톡스 (330g) 5.5g x 60포 (2개월분)


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INCELLDERM Lifening Deep Talks
Country Of Origin : Republic Of Korea


- Lifening Deep Talks 330g (5.5g x 60pcs) X 1ea

Main Ingredients

- Lactobacillus brevis extract, Grain powder, 19 kinds of vegetable ingredients


- For modern people who live busy daily lives, Simple, inner care
- Lifening DEEP TALKS, which was created with the technology of blending the sole raw materials of Psillium husk and Lehman Korea, the representative of insoluble dietary fiber
- Contains 19 kinds of vegetable ingredients

How To Use

- Drink once or twice a day with plenty of water (300ml or more) : Recommended before eating