MEDI-PEEL RED LATO COLLAGEN AMPOULE 70ml 메디필 레드 락토 콜라겐 앰플 70ml [아기모공앰플]


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This Ampoule is enriched with probiotics to balance your skin.
Using fermentation technology lactobacillus paracasei strengthens your skin barrier by balancing microbiome.
It provides moisture and solves skin dryness too.
All products of MEDI-PEEL Red Lacto Collagen Line-up clears, moisturizes and glows your skin.
Red Lacto Collagen Ampoule containing highly enriched with lactobacillus and collagen delivers fresh hydration that makes your skin dewy-shining.

Suggested Use
After using the toner, take an appropriate amount and gently spread over the entire face from the inside to the outside of the skin texture.
*The more you absorb while pressing it with your hand, the more moist and firmer your skin becomes.