Sulwhasoo Men Basic 2pcs Gift Set 설화수 남성 본윤 2종 세트


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Expiration Date: 02/2025

Sulwhasoo Men Basic 2pcs Gift Set

설화수 남성 본윤 2종세트



  • Sulwhasoo Men Recharging Serum 140ml ( Expiration Date : 11/02/2024 ) 

  • Sulwhasoo Men Recharging Serum sample 15ml ( Expiration Date : 11/06/2024 ) 

  • Sulwhasoo Men Skin Strengthening Emulsion 90ml ( Expiration Date : 11/08/2024 )

  • Sulwhasoo Men Skin Strengthening Emulsion sample 8ml ( Expiration Date : 10/25/2024 )

  • Sulwhasoo Men UV Defense Protecter Sample 15ml ( Expiration Date 11/03/2024 )

  • From South Korea

  • Brand: Sulwhasoo

A Special set composed of Sulwhasoo Men Recharging Serum and Skin Strengthening Emulsion with legendary Korean herbal medicinal science. Sulwhasoo delivers fundamentally healthy radiance of the men's skin.

Sulwhasoo’s unique Woody fragrance designed for men. The woody and herbal notes help deliver serenity to the body and mind and the fresh scents of pine and camphor help energize, while rich and warm sandalwood calms the mind.