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O HUI (오휘)

O HUI Age Recovery 4pcs Special Set 오휘 에이지 리커버리 4종 스페셜 세트

O HUI Age Recovery 4pcs Special Set 오휘 에이지 리커버리 4종 스페셜 세트

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EXP. 04/19/2026

Set Included

-Age Recovery Skin Softener 150ml EXP. 08/09/2026
-Age Recovery Emulsion 140ml EXP. 09/11/2026
-Age Recovery Essence 25ml EXP. 10/25/2026
-Age Recovery Cream 30ml EXP. 10/01/2026
-Age Recovery Skin Softener 20ml EXP. 10/12/2026
-Age Recovery Emulsion 20ml EXP. 10/24/2026
-Age Recovery Soft Amino Foam 45ml EXP. 10/12/2026
-Age Recovery Eye Cream For All 7ml EXP. 02/27/2026
-Age Recovery Collagen Eye Patch 4g X 2EA EXP. 04/19/2026

Age Recovery Skin Softener

  • This milky texture, highly concentrated softener contains vital nutrition for powerful anti-ageing care.
  • Containing baby collagen to defend ageing while preparing skin for better absorption of other products.
  • It helps reduce skin wrinkles and fine lines.

Age Recovery Emulsion

  • Super anti-ageing line instantly diminishes visible signs of ageing.
  • It helps build up Type 3 collagen and fatty acid – the “Baby collagen,” one of the 27 collagens; which is responsible to reduce wrinkles and make the skin return to childlike softness and elasticity, nourishing skin from within.

Age Recovery Cream

  • The O Hui Age Recovery Cream is the moisturizer of O Hui's powerful anti-aging line - the Age Recovery series.
  • Formulated with the brand's patented Baby Collagen, the O Hui Age Recovery Cream enhances the skin's productivity of Type 3 collagen, reducing wrinkles, making skin soft, and improving skin elasticity.

Age Recovery Eye Cream For All

  • It firms the eye area by strengthening the existing baby collagen at the corners of the eyes that can easily be damaged and tackles major signs of visible ageing under and around the eyes, such as fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, and age spots.

Age Recovery Essence

  • Essence that recovers a young and resilient skin by filling the baby collagen decreased with advancing years.
  • Contains the same baby collagen ingredient as our skin, so it closely sticks to our skin upon application.
  • High functional but mild, not thick, so appropriate to use throughout the four seasons for anti-aging.
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