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OSULLOC Matcha Pretzel 70g 오설록 말차 프레첼 70g

OSULLOC Matcha Pretzel 70g 오설록 말차 프레첼 70g

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OSULLOC Matcha Pretzel 70g

오설록 말차 프레첼 70g

Introducing the OSULLOC Matcha Pretzel, a delightful fusion of savory pretzels and sweet, slightly bitter matcha. This irresistible snack combines the best of both worlds: the crunch of a pretzel and the rich flavor of matcha from the meticulously grown tea leaves in Jeju's OSULLOC tea fields.

Enjoy the perfectly balanced sweet and salty flavor as the crisp, salty pretzel is generously coated with sweet and slightly bitter matcha cream. Each bite-sized pretzel is perfect for enjoying with a cup of tea, making it an ideal treat for tea lovers.

Why We Love It:

  • Irresistible Flavor: A harmonious blend of savory pretzel and sweet, slightly bitter matcha.
  • Premium Matcha: Made from tea leaves grown with care in Jeju's OSULLOC tea fields, offering a fragrant and rich matcha flavor.
  • Perfect Bite Size: Mini-sized pretzels are perfect for pairing with tea.

### Tips:

  • Pairing Suggestions: Enhance the matcha experience by enjoying these pretzels with a matcha latte or matcha milk tea.
  • Baking Ideas: Use these pretzels as a crunchy topping for brownies, chocolates, and other baked goods to add a unique twist.

Experience the delightful combination of sweet and savory with OSULLOC Matcha Pretzels, and let your taste buds enjoy this unique and flavorful treat.

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