Dr.G Green MILD UP SUN + SPF50+PA++++ 50ml * 2 + 10ml * 2 / 닥터지 그린 마일드 업 선 플러스 (저자극 선크림) SPF50+PA++++ 50ml * 2 + 10ml * 2 저자극 무기자차 논나노


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Dr.G Green MILD UP SUN + SPF50+PA++++ 50ml * 2 + 10ml * 2  /

닥터지 그린 마일드 업 선 플러스 SPF50+PA++++ 50ml * 2 + 10ml * 2 


- Dr.G Green Mild Up Sun+ 50mL x 2EA

- Dr.G Green Mild Up Sun+ 10mL x 2EA


Dr.G Green Mild Up Sun+ has a verified UV blocking effect with an SPF50+ PA++++ rating, indicating a high level of sun protection.
This product has been the winner of the OLIVE YOUNG Awards for three consecutive years from 2019 to 2021.
This product also won 6 beauty awards, had an annual sales volume of 1,790,069, a single sale time of 15 seconds, and a consumer rating of 4.7/5 in 2020.
Green Mild Up Sun+ contains Dr.G’s sincerity to make the safest product.
The formula has been improved to adhere to the skin more smoothly and provide a comfortable feeling without stickiness.
According to actual reviews, Dr.G sun cream is a good, comfortable sunscreen with pure ingredients.
Zinc oxide, which is gentle on sensitive skin, reflects light on the skin's surface to protect sensitive skin.
This product has undergone sensitivity skin suitability test, skin irritation test, and hypoallergenic test, and completed human application test for sensitive skin.
A smooth cream formula is absorbed without stickiness to provide a firm barrier protection.
This sunscreen not only blocks out UV rays, but also blue light, infrared, and autofluorescence to provide a 5 layer protection for the skin.
Tested as a low-irritant product for the skin.
This product is environmentally friendly and does not harm the ocean.


Featured ingredients

This product contains a higher concentration of skin soothing ingredients and is gentle on the skin.

Contains the ingredient for skin health to protect you from harmful light.

The contained centella asiatica extract and Pycnogenol helps the skin to become even healthier.

Contains Centella Asiatica Extract and Houttuynia Cordata Extract that helps soothe sensitive skin.

Contains Pycnogenol and Pro Vitamin D that improves skin vitality.


How to use

At the last step of the skincare routine, get a moderate amount and apply it on the skin exposed to UV rays.