9:35 VALLATTO BEAUTY TIME TOMATO WHITENING AMPOULE 0.1 oz(3g) * 7ea 9:35 발라또 뷰티 타임 토마토 화이트닝 앰플(미백 앰플) 0.1 oz(3g) * 7ea

9:35 Vallatto

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Tomato Whitening Ampoule

화이트닝토마토미백앰플 3g/0.1oz x 7EA

-피부에 미백기능을 밝혀주는 미백앰플

-맑고 건강한 피부, 글루타치온 효과

-매끈하고 광택감 있는 우유빛 앰플이 수분광택 부여

Main Ingredients
- Tomatidine, WhiteTomato SE, Vitamine E
- With White Tomato Extract, it gives the skin a Whitening and makes wrinkle improvement
How to Use
1 day, 1 ampoule. Take an appropriate amount, roll it along the skin texture from the center of the face to the outside, and gently spread to absorb it.