9:35 VALLATTO BEAUTY TIME VALLATTO PURPLE OIL MIST 3.4 fl oz 100ml 9:35 발라또 뷰티 타임 발라또 퍼플 오일 미스트 3.4 fl oz 100ml

9:35 Vallatto

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 Vallatto Purple Oil Mist 

발라또 퍼플 오일미스트 100ml/ 3.4 fl. oz

- 당김없이 촉촉한 피부 연출

- 화장 전/후 피부가 푸석한 분께 추천

- 오후가 되면 건조해지는 피부에 추천


Main Ingredients
- Sunflower Oil, Camelia Oil, Argan Oil

- 9:35 is a naturalistic cosmetics brand. Strictly selected ingredients help maintain a disorganized skin ecosystem.

How to Use
Shake it up and down so that the oil and moisture layers are mixed, and spray evenly. Spray it right after washing your face so that the moisture doesn't go away.