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AHC Safe On Cica Sun Cushion 25g + Refill 2EA AHC 세이프온 시카 카밍 선쿠션 본품 25g + 리필2개

AHC Safe On Cica Sun Cushion 25g + Refill 2EA AHC 세이프온 시카 카밍 선쿠션 본품 25g + 리필2개

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AHC Safe On Cica Sun Cushion 25g + Refill 2EA

AHC 세이프온 시카 카밍 선쿠션 본품 25g + 리필2개

Introducing the AHC Safe On Cica Calming Sun Cushion, a revolutionary sun protection solution that combines UV defense with soothing, moisturizing, and anti-itch properties. This innovative cushion offers SPF50+ PA++++ protection, ensuring comprehensive protection against harmful UV rays while keeping your skin looking youthful and radiant.

But it's more than just a sun protector—it's a multifunctional cosmetic essential. Infused with ingredients that help whiten and improve wrinkles, this cushion features a unique blend of our exclusive Cica Calming Essence™ with Centella asiatica and Houttuynia cordata extracts, known for their soothing and moisturizing properties. Extracted using a patented sous vide method, these plants offer maximum efficacy.

AHC's innovative formulation creates a protective film under light and heat, coupled with a moisturizing shield containing hyaluronic acid, providing robust skin defense against UV rays. Designed to calm irritation from various light sources, including ultraviolet, infrared, and blue light, this cushion boasts seven-fold proof resistance against water, sweat, sand, masks, and swimming pools, ensuring durable wear in any environment.

Enjoy a refreshing cool sensation upon application, with a temperature decrease of -4.24ºC, ideal for immediate relief on hot days. Approved by rigorous German derma tests, our formula is safe for sensitive skin, featuring 13 patented ingredients that enhance soothing, moisturizing, and skin barrier effects. With a generous 10cm diameter, it's perfect for easy application over large areas of the body.

Apply using the included patented puff, containing 10% charcoal for added antimicrobial properties. Gently pat onto the skin, focusing on sun-exposed areas.

Elevate your skincare routine with AHC Safe On Cica Calming Sun Cushion, a transformative product that combines advanced technology with effective skincare, providing unparalleled protection and care for your skin.

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