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AMUSE Chou Velvet 4g 어뮤즈 슈 벨벳 4g

AMUSE Chou Velvet 4g 어뮤즈 슈 벨벳 4g

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AMUSE Chou Velvet 4g

어뮤즈 슈 벨벳 4g


Product Description
*Innovative comfort fixing
Innovative comfort fixing technology not only gives long-lasting color, but also makes your lips comfy without dryness and enables blurring makeup. Gliding on lips softly as choux cream, color pigment adheres to lips fast, and elastomer gel gives blur effects on it.

* Light choux cream texture
The light choux cream texture glides softly, filling up all the wrinkles of lips. The texture is light as air, moisturizing inside, and fuzzy outside.

* 8 velvet shades of natural color pay-off
The special technology that minimizes turbidity and maximes clearness of color gives natural color pay-off that goes well with your own lips' color.

* France Eve Vegan cirtification
Chou Velvet achieved vegan certification from France Eve Vegan.

* Double moisturinzing & allergen-free fragrance
Patented aqua ceramide cares lips on the outside, and permeating small-molecule hyaluronic acid gives elasticity and hydration on the inside. Fragrance is free from allergen.

How to use
Take an appropriate amount and smooth onto lips.

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