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ATOMY COOL CANDY Mint & Peach 35g 애터미 쿨캔디 민트 & 피치 35g

ATOMY COOL CANDY Mint & Peach 35g 애터미 쿨캔디 민트 & 피치 35g

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ATOMY COOL CANDY Mint & Peach 35g

애터미 쿨캔디 민트 & 피치 35g

Freshen Your Mouth Anytime, Anywhere!

Introducing Atomy Cool Candy, the perfect solution for freshening your mouth and eliminating bad breath, especially after wearing a mask for long periods. With the natural benefits of bellflower and quince powder combined with refreshing mint or fruity scents, Atomy Cool Candy ensures your mouth stays fresh and healthy.

Key Benefits:

  1. Bellflower and Quince Powder: Supports throat and bronchial health.
  2. Low Sugar: Enjoy a healthy, clean taste.
  3. Fresh Scents: Available in refreshing menthol and savory peach flavors.
  4. Convenient Packaging: Comes in a zipper-sealed small pouch, making it easy to carry and store.

Product Features

  • Bellflower Powder Contained: It contains saponin, which helps manage bronchial tubes and improve immunity. It helps to make a healthy and fresh mouth.
  • Quince Extract Powder Contained: It protects bronchial tubes, relieves cough and phlegm. It helps to make a clean mouth with a savory scent.
  • Low Sugar: Reduced sugar content for a healthier taste.
  • Refreshing Taste Options: Menthol Candy - For a fresh, invigorating taste. Peach Candy - For a savory, fruity flavor.
  • Zipper-Sealed Small Pouch Packaging: Easy to carry and store, portable for on-the-go freshness. Enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Recommended For:

  • Long Mask Wearers: Chew to eliminate bad breath caused by mask use.
  • Bad Breath Concerns: Take a candy to ensure fresh breath.
  • Throat Comfort: Soothe a heavy throat and refresh your mouth.
  • Energy Boost: Feel fresh and revitalized when tired or drowsy.
  • Focus and Concentration: Enhance your concentration with a refreshing candy.

Experience the natural benefits and refreshing taste of Atomy Cool Candy. Perfect for those who want to maintain a healthy mouth and throat while enjoying a burst of freshness. Order now and keep your mouth fresh anytime, anywhere!

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