Biodance Pore Tightening Collagen Ampoule 30ml 1.01 fl. oz. 바이오던스 포어 타이트닝 콜라겐 앰플 30ml 1.01 fl. oz.


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Biodance Pore Tightening Collagen Ampoule 30ml 1.01 fl. oz.

바이오던스 포어 타이트닝 콜라겐 앰플  30ml 1.01 fl. oz.


Why we love it

  • It is a premium prescription BIODANCE No.1 ampoule for enlarged pores.
  • According to reviews, it is the best-selling ampoule from BIODANCE, and the feedback includes "The adhesive power of the base during makeup is better", "There is less enlargement of pores than before".
  • It is the BIODANCE Pore Tightening Collagen Ampoule that fills the lost collagen in the skin and truly reduces pores.
  • With just one use, it shows an immediate increase of 168% in collagen.
  • After applying the product, it shows a 5.8% improvement in skin impurities.
  • Pore area decreased by 15.6%, pore volume decreased by 33.5%, pore depth decreased by 14%, and the number of pores decreased by 18%.
  • It provides a sticky texture that adheres to the pores, leaving a firm and non-greasy skin texture.
  • The pipette end is bent at a 145-degree angle, allowing comfortable use from any angle.
  • It is an EWG Green Grade product, free of 20 additives, and free of 25 allergens that can cause skin irritation, tested for skin compatibility and contains optimal ingredients for the skin.

Featured ingredients

  • Containing 74% ultra-low molecular weight 243DA collagen, it corrects sagging and enlarged pores.
  • The Pore Collagen Complex (fiber cells, elastin, hyaluronic acid) forms a stronger collagen support layer.
  • With SYN®-COLL 1%, an internationally patented raw material for pore care proven in clinical trials, it improves skin texture.

How to use
Take an appropriate amount of the ampoule and spread it evenly on the skin.