CLIO Kill Cover Glow Fitting Cushion SPF50+/PA++++ 0.53 oz + Refill 0.53 oz (클리오 킬커버 밀착광채 쿠션 SPF50+/PA++++ 0.53 oz +리필 0.53 oz)


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-As if shedding natural light on skin even indoors, superfit radiance cushion that shines along the curves of the face
-Clinically tested for 54-hour makeup radiance / Clinically tested for preventing makeup smudge on masks
-Expresses light and clean skin texture
-Comfortable finish with less smudge

Color :

2 BP-Lingerie : Current #21 & Cool undertones Pink beige tone

3-BY Linen : Current #21 Warm undertones Yellow beige tone

4-BO Ginger : Current #23 Warm undertones Medium beige tone

Suggested Use
Take the product with the puff that comes with the cushion pact and apply an appropriate amount onto the skin.