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COLORGRAM FRUITY GLASS TINT 3 g/0.1 OZ.컬러그램 탕후루 탱글 틴트 3 g/0.1 OZ.

COLORGRAM FRUITY GLASS TINT 3 g/0.1 OZ.컬러그램 탕후루 탱글 틴트 3 g/0.1 OZ.

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컬러그램 탕후루 탱글 틴트 3 g/0.1 OZ.


Why we love it

  • Provides long-lasting color and glow.
  • Provides 500% glow along with sweet juicy shades.
  • The subtle glow is immediately shown right after application, and once you smack your lips you’ll get dewy sheen.
  • Provides vivid color and glow as you reapply.
  • The glow tint results in long-lasting color on your lips.
  • Featured ingredients
  • Perfectly adheres on lips for vivid pigmentation and long-lasting glow.

How to use
1. Apply on the lower lip and then touch once more on the middle of the lower lip.
2. Lightly apply on the cupid’s bow and then blend.

1. Apply a tint first.
2. Complete pretty overlined lips by further applying lip gloss on the lip line, cupid’s bow, and middle of the lower lip.


  • 00 Pearl Gloss: Pink glossy glitters on transparent base.
  • 01 Flashing Apricot: Delicate apricot orange shade for spring warm-toned skin type.
  • 02 Dewy Grapefruit: Clear and vivid grapefruit orange shade for spring bright-toned skin type.
  • 03 Soda Cool Peach: Cool and refreshing peach pink shade for summer cool-toned skin type.
  • 04 Adorable Berry: Vitalizing berry pink shade for warm-toned skin type.
  • 06 Joyful Tomato: Bright and vivid red orange color that resembles a tomato.
  • 07 Shy Guava: Lovely soft pink shade complete with guava juice that is perfect for summer cool toned skin.
  • 08 Lovely Raspberry: Raspberry red shade for both warm and cool toned skin to give lively and lovely mood.
  • 09 Heartful Mulberry: Daily mauve plum shade complete with fresh mulberry with a hint of pink that is highly recommended for winter cool toned skin.




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