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Colorgram Fruity Glass Gloss 컬러그램 탕후루 탱글 꿀로스

Colorgram Fruity Glass Gloss 컬러그램 탕후루 탱글 꿀로스

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Colorgram Fruity Glass Gloss

컬러그램 탕후루 탱글 꿀로스

Product Info

Why we love it

Apply it once or twice, it gives a translucent honey-glow boost.

It provides a sparkling honey coating that subtly enhances the complexion.

Layering with a transparent juicy color creates a shining gloss layering effect.

Used alone, it gives a subtle complexion, but as you layer it, it upgrades to a honey-coating glow.

When intense colors meet honey gloss, the synergy is enhanced! It completes the perfect honey combination with Thunderbolt Tint Lacquer.

Featured ingredients

It completes a pleasant plumping that feels subtle, and a plump and thick over lips after application.

How to use

Get an appropriate amount of content on the tip and spread it from the inside to the outside of the lips.


01 Grape Coke: Lips like black sapphire, creating a mysterious vibe with a toned-down plum color.

02 Chewy Tangerine: In the moment of bursting, a spoonful of refreshing and vibrant tangerine, with a full redness and a subtle orange color.


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