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Colorgram Fake Lash Enhancing Liner 컬러그램 페이크 래쉬 메이커

Colorgram Fake Lash Enhancing Liner 컬러그램 페이크 래쉬 메이커

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Clorgram Fake Lash Enhancing Liner

컬러그램 페이크 래쉬 메이커

Product Info

Why we love it

  • Provides perfect fake under lashes as if they are originally yours.
  • The 3-sec point under lashes provide doll-like eyes.
  • Single touch results in two lash lines to allow makeup beginners easily draw thin lashes.
  • 3-sec under lash master can be easily used by makeup beginners.
  • The translucent matte shade lasts for a long time.
  • Possible to be used in various ways including drawing brows and baby hairs.
  • The subtle shadow color lasts for a day like your own skin color.
  • You can diversify texture as you want.
  • You can not only fix eyebrows, but also baby hairs to result various makeup results.

Featured ingredients

Perfectly fixed against moisture and oil under eyes for a long time without any mudging.

How to use

  1. Lightly shake the product 2–3 times before use and draw a dot on desired area.
  2. Draw short line without applying pressure.

Tip: Draw a shorter line from end of eyes and middle part of eyes to make idol-like eyes.


01 Daily Black: 30% lighter vivid daily black shade.

02 Shade Brown: Subtle brown shade mixed with red and yellow.


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