Sooryehan Hwayun Skin 80ml / Emulsion 80ml / Cream 25ml 수려한 화윤 스킨 80ml / 로션 80ml / 크림 25ml


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Sooryehan Hwayun Skin 80ml / Emulsion 80ml / Cream 25ml

수려한 화윤 스킨 80ml / 로션 80ml / 크림 25ml


Keep your skin healthy by steeping red ginseng for 100 hours.
Experience a deep and rich moisturizing sensation.
Discover the beautiful Hwayun line that addresses rough, saggy, and dry skin.


Trust Sooryehan Hwayun if any of these concerns apply to you!

  • For those seeking a moisturizing product to alleviate dry skin during seasonal changes.
  • Ideal for those in search of nutritious herbal cosmetics.
  • Perfect for anyone who wants to explore the herbal medicine product line.
  • Tailored for individuals concerned about deep wrinkles.


Unlock the power of red ginseng for comprehensive skin care!
Containing more amino acids than fine roots, crucial for skin moisturization, it fills and maintains the skin's moisture at a constant level.
Benefit from a high effective saponin content, exclusively using red ginseng, rich organic matter, and saponin for shiny and elastic skin.
  • Sooryehan Hwayun Emulsion nurtures your skin texture, leaving it moisturized.
  • Experience a highly moisturizing emulsion that immediately soothes dry skin, refining the skin's texture for long-lasting comfort.
  • Achieve beautiful Hwayun Skin with deep, rich moisturization, and elasticity.
  • Indulge in a highly moisturizing toner that hydrates and adheres to parched, dry skin, creating a smooth and moisturized complexion.


*Utilize highly moisturizing skin properly! Boyun skin delivers nutrients more effectively when spread on the skin using the palm of your hand, allowing it to absorb, rather than using a cotton pad.


  • Skin: A thin gel type with a moisturizing feel.
  • Emulsion: A lotion type with concentrated nutrition.



How to use:

  1. After washing your face, take an appropriate amount on the palm of your hand.
  2. Apply gently along the skin texture.
  3. Using the warmth of your palm, gently press to absorb.
  4. After the skin is absorbed, reapply the emulsion in the same way.
  5. Take an appropriate amount of cream with the built-in spatula and apply evenly over the entire face, then pat lightly to absorb.