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VARI:HOPE 8 Days Pure Vitamin C Ampoule Plus 15g 베리홉 8일미백앰플 15g

VARI:HOPE 8 Days Pure Vitamin C Ampoule Plus 15g 베리홉 8일미백앰플 15g

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Special Ingredients

Ascorbic Acid, Alpha Bisabolol, Kakadu Plum, Beta-Glucan




  • Pure Vitamin C - This skin serum has been formulated with 135,000ppm (13.5%) Pure Vitamin C to give your skin the radiance and a brightening effect. This Korean serum helps increase the skin-radiant effects after being absorbed into the skin by containing pure Vitamin C. into the skin.
  • Double Layer Stabilization Method - You can feel the stable effect of our Pure Vitamin C product made by an exceptionally advanced double-layer stabilization technology. This serum is designed to penetrate your skin to help brighten and moisturize your skin deeply. Essentially, this serum works to keep your skin away from stress, pollution, and even lack of sleep.
  • Reduce Dark Spots - After 4 decades of development, a brightening serum featuring Pure Vitamin C has finally been perfected. This serum reduces the appearance of dark spots, promotes an even skin tone, and boosts clarity, all with visible results after just 8 days of use.
  • Double Brightening Effect - The brightening properties of Vitamins C improves the radiance and works with Glutathione to reverse the effects of aging. It enhances skin quality, hyperpigmentation and reduces dark circles helping you see visible results in as early as 8 days!
  • Refreshing Ampoule - This Ampoule has been specially crafted to give you a radiant, youthful, and fresh-faced. This refreshing ampoule minimizes the amount of Polyol and uses a lot of water to improve your skin texture and provide moisture for a fresh finish.


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