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DASHU Daily Vita Flex All-in-One Body Wash 다슈 데일리 비타플렉스 올인원 바디워시

DASHU Daily Vita Flex All-in-One Body Wash 다슈 데일리 비타플렉스 올인원 바디워시

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DASHU Daily Vita Flex All-in-One Body Wash

다슈 데일리 비타플렉스 올인원 바디워시


Introducing DASHU Daily Vita Flex All-in-One Body Wash, your passport to a new dimension of cleansing and odor care. From head to toe, experience the perfection of all-in-one care with just one lather.

Designed to cater to the needs of men's skin, DASHU's all-in-one body wash helps rebalance your skin, providing moisture and nourishment without any irritation. Tested for sensitivity and minimal skin irritation, the formula ensures a comfortable shower experience with 0.00% skin irritation.

Say goodbye to the hassle of multiple products and embrace the convenience of a clean shower routine. DASHU's all-in-one body wash creates a rich, dense lather that adheres closely to your skin, ensuring thorough cleansing from head to toe in a single wash.

Not just limited to basic cleansing, DASHU Daily Vita Flex All-in-One Body Wash tackles even the toughest-to-clean products like sunscreen and hair styling products with ease, leaving your skin feeling fresh and revitalized.

Our formula is dermatologist-tested and proven to be gentle on sensitive skin, providing a refreshing, non-irritating shower experience every time. Plus, indulge your senses with our irresistible fresh fragrance, featuring top notes of citrus and fruity, middle notes of green and white floral, and base notes of amber, woody, musk, and sweet.

Enriched with ingredients like tromethamine and citric acid to help soothe and exfoliate, as well as mandarin extract, green tea extract, and grapefruit extract to provide a refreshing sensation while promoting healthy skin. And even after rinsing, your skin will feel moisturized and nourished, thanks to the presence of pine leaf extract, aloe vera leaf extract, olive oil, and shea butter.

Experience the ultimate in cleansing and care with DASHU Daily Vita Flex All-in-One Body Wash. Upgrade your shower routine and enjoy the convenience of comprehensive care with every wash.


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