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Deepte 3-Day

Deepte 3-Day Strong Up 8 Sticks (4-day supply) 딥트 3일 스트롱업 8포 (4일분)

Deepte 3-Day Strong Up 8 Sticks (4-day supply) 딥트 3일 스트롱업 8포 (4일분)

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Why we love it
This product has no added sugar, preservatives, artificial colorings, artificial flavors, or artificial diluting agents.
This edible enzyme is a multiple award-winning product with proven functionality by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

[Directions and Cautions]
Daily Intake: 2 Sticks (10g)

[Psyllium Fiber] May help smooth bowel movements.
[Garcinia Cambogia Extract] Prevents carbohydrates from converting into fat, helping reduce body fat

Featured ingredients
Contains 4000 mg of psyllium husk edible fibre that increases 40 times in volume when mixed with water to stimulate bowel movements.
Contains Garcinia HCA that help reducing body weight.

How to use
1. Before eating something delicious, take out one packet.
2. Take twice a day with enough water and you're done!



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