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even Overnight Wearing 6+6 Set 이브네 입는 오버나이트 6+6 기획세트

even Overnight Wearing 6+6 Set 이브네 입는 오버나이트 6+6 기획세트

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even Overnight Wearing 6+6 Set

이브네 입는 오버나이트 6+6 기획세트

Experience comfort without worries of leakage with EVNE Overnight Wearing Panty. Our product offers a free and restful night with its soft touch and 3D body fit that wraps around your skin.

Real Body Fit & Comfortable Belt

The 3D design and rear elastic band provide a snug fit, perfectly adhering to curvy bodies. This ensures a comfortable feeling, as if you were wearing regular underwear. Also the 360-degree comfortable belt stretches elastically and provides more than twice the tension, comfortably fitting the belly and waist. It adheres perfectly to curvy bodies, ensuring a comfortable feel throughout the night.

Long & Wide Absorbent Core & In & Out Breathable Back Sheet

The 390mm super long wide absorbent core at the rear effectively prevents leaks. The fast and powerful 5-layer multi-layer absorbent core quickly absorbs menstrual blood, minimizing backflow. Additionally, the dual barrier leak guard structure with side covers and strings prevents side leaks, even with night-time movements. The breathable back sheet releases body heat and moisture while allowing air to circulate, reducing stuffiness for a more comfortable night.

Recommended For:

  • Those who toss and turn or move a lot while sleeping and worry about leaks at night.
  • - Those who are active on heavy flow days and are concerned about leaks.
  • - Those looking for an alternative to maternity pads after childbirth.
  • - Those who find menstrual pads uncomfortable when starting their period.

How to Dispose:

Remove like underwear, fold the sides of the used pad inwards, then fold the bottom of the pad upwards. Roll the pad into the top band and dispose of it.

Experience worry-free nights with EVNE Overnight Wearing Panty – the perfect blend of comfort and protection.

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