FASCY MOISTURE BOMB HAND CREAM limited Christmas edition gift set 파시 수분폭탄 핸드크림 2종 크리스마스 특별 세트 (40ML,80ML)


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FASCY MOISTURE BOMB HAND CREAM limited Christmas edition gift set

파시 수분폭탄 핸드크림 2종 크리스마스 세트 (40ML + 80ML)


the perfect Christmas gift for pampering loved ones!

Did you know that hands age faster?
This luxurious hand cream not only conceals the traces of time with its powerful moisture glove but also offers a true respite for hardworking hands. Ideal for the winter season, it absorbs quickly without stickiness, providing intense moisture and a clean, comfortable feel.
Enriched with shea butter, it maintains a soft moisturizing effect, forming a robust defense against external elements. The delightful fragrance lingers subtly, making it a full moisture experience. Choose from scents like warm Milk, refreshing Grapefruit, sweet Peach, or fragrant Violet.
Give the gift of seamless moisture gloves
– a thoughtful and practical present for a joyous holiday season!


Youthful skin begins with your hands.

A powerful moisture glove that conceals the traces of time.

A true little rest for hardworking hands.


  • A powerful moisture bomb: Quickly absorbed without stickiness, it supplies intense moisture from within, preventing inner dryness and providing a clean, comfortable feel for dry hands.
  • Maintains a soft moisturizing effect: Containing shea butter, a representative moisturizing ingredient, it provides and maintains a more moisturized and soft feeling.
  • Robust defense for skin protection: Forms a moisture barrier on the skin upon application, protecting and safeguarding the skin from external environmental factors.
  • Sweet fragrance: A delightful and fragrant scent that uplifts the mood, lingering subtly for an extended period. Full moisture and a subtle fragrance.
    • Milk: Enriched with milk extract, exuding a warm powdery scent.
    • Grapefruit: Packed with grapefruit extract for a refreshing citrusy aroma.
    • Peach: Filled with peach extract, offering a sweet peachy fragrance.
    • Violet: Lavender extract creates a fragrant lavender scent.

Seamless moisture gloves, A powerful moisture bomb! Rapid absorption, smooth application, moisturizing sensation, non-sticky finish, and a moisture-protective layer.