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Franz Sun Block Patch Regular / Large 5ea 프란츠 네이키드 투명 자외선 차단 패치 기본형 / 라지 사이즈 5회분

Franz Sun Block Patch Regular / Large 5ea 프란츠 네이키드 투명 자외선 차단 패치 기본형 / 라지 사이즈 5회분

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Franz Sun Block Patch Regular / Large 5ea

프란츠 네이키드 투명 자외선 차단 패치 기본형 / 라지 사이즈 5회분

The FRANZ Naked Sunshield Peptide Patch offers dual benefits of sun protection and skincare, ensuring your skin stays protected and cared for. This innovative product has been awarded the 2023 Innovation Award for its effectiveness in providing comprehensive sun care beyond just sunscreen. The transparent patch provides an additional layer of coverage, effectively blocking 99.9% of harmful UV rays.

Key Features:

  • Effective Sun Protection: Provides UPF 50+ protection, blocking up to 99.9% of UV-B rays and 98.1% of UV-A rays, which are known to cause skin aging and wrinkles.
  • Skincare Benefits: Infused with hyaluronic acid and four types of peptides, including 1004ppm of peptide content, the patch nourishes and revitalizes the skin.
  • Comfortable and Lightweight: The ultra-thin (0.015mm) and slim design ensures a comfortable fit all day long without feeling heavy or sticky.
  • Long-lasting: Offers long-lasting sun protection and skincare benefits, making it ideal for outdoor activities and daily use.

The FRANZ Naked Sunshield Peptide Patch is suitable for those who are concerned about sun exposure, engage in outdoor activities, or seek a non-sticky alternative to traditional sun protection methods. It is also perfect for those who want to maintain a natural skin tone while ensuring effective sun protection.

Instructions for Use:

  1. Remove the protective film from the back of the patch.
  2. Apply the patch to the desired area, ensuring it adheres firmly.
  3. Remove the front protective film.
  4. Applying essence on both patches helps them adhere more transparently.

 Applying Peptide Boosting Essence on the patches gradually improves wrinkles and whitening. Since there is enough essence, apply it on both patches, and the remaining essence can be applied to the entire face.

- Tip: You can apply makeup over the patch for a natural look.

- To remove, gently roll the edge of the patch with your fingertips and peel off smoothly. For a gentle removal process, remove the patch while cleansing your face.

Experience the freedom from harmful UV rays with the FRANZ Naked Sunshield Peptide Patch, and enjoy all-day protection and skincare benefits in one simple step.

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