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FULLIGHT FLIMEAL Allulose 520ml Plain / Maple 플라이밀 알룰로스 520ml 플레인 / 메이플

FULLIGHT FLIMEAL Allulose 520ml Plain / Maple 플라이밀 알룰로스 520ml 플레인 / 메이플

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FULLIGHT FLIMEAL Allulose 520ml Plain / Maple

플라이밀 알룰로스 520ml 플레인 / 메이플


Discover the Honey-Like Sweetness of FULLIGHT Flimeal Allulose!

Say goodbye to watery allulose and hello to the rich, thick consistency of FULLIGHT Flimeal Allulose. This innovative sweetener provides the sweetness you love with only 1/15 the calories of sugar, making it perfect for those who want to enjoy sweetness without the guilt. Ideal for managing your diet and blood sugar levels, FULLIGHT Flimeal Allulose can be added to your favorite foods and drinks as a sugar substitute. Its honey-like texture makes it a fantastic replacement for honey, without the mess on the lid. With a delightful maple syrup flavor and just 1% sugar content, it's the perfect choice for health-conscious individuals.

Why You'll Love It:

FULLIGHT Flimeal Allulose is a game-changer for anyone looking to reduce calorie intake while still enjoying a sweet taste. Its thick, honey-like texture and delicious flavor make it versatile for a variety of culinary uses. The convenient and hygienic cap design ensures that it doesn't leave a sticky mess, making it easy to use and store. Made with 100% Korean-sourced allulose and enriched with functional ingredients like dietary fiber, it not only tastes great but also offers health benefits.

Perfect for:

  • Individuals who need to manage their diet but find it hard to give up sweetness.
  • Families who want to enjoy healthy cooking together.
  • Those looking for a healthier alternative to honey, syrup, sugar, or oligosaccharides.
  • Anyone who wants to indulge in sweetness without worrying about calories.

Health Benefits:

FULLIGHT Flimeal Allulose contains only 1/15 the calories of sugar, making it ideal for those watching their calorie intake. It has the same viscosity and taste as honey, perfect for cooking and baking. The high dietary fiber content helps in blood sugar control, making it a suitable choice for individuals with dietary restrictions.

Versatile Use:

  • Flimeal Allulose Plain: Enjoy a clean, sweet taste similar to sugar. Perfect for stir-fried dishes, fruit preserves, and more.
  • Flimeal Allulose Maple: Delight in a subtle, smooth maple flavor. Ideal for pancakes, yogurt, coffee, waffles, and more.

Experience the best of both health and taste with FULLIGHT Flimeal Allulose, your ultimate solution for a healthier, sweeter lifestyle.

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