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Headband + Wrist Wash band SET For Washing Face Pink Color 세안 밴드 머리띠 + 세안 손목 밴드 핑크색 세트

Headband + Wrist Wash band SET For Washing Face Pink Color 세안 밴드 머리띠 + 세안 손목 밴드 핑크색 세트

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Headband + Wrist Wash band SET For Washing Face Pink Color

세안 밴드 머리띠 + 세안 손목 밴드 핑크색 세트

Headband For Washing Face Pink Color

세안 밴드 머리띠 핑크색


This splash-proof, puffy headband is perfect for your skincare routine. It features a sturdy plastic core and a soft terry cloth cover twisted into a petal shape, helping to absorb splashes that can occur when washing your face.

With its elastic design, this headband provides a perfect fit for most head sizes. It's highly flexible and stretchable, making it suitable for almost anyone. The open bottom design won't affect your makeup, and it allows you to easily fix your hair when removing makeup, washing your face, applying facial masks, or during spa treatments.

Made of sponge and terry cloth, this headband is cute, soft, and comfortable. It provides a gentle touch against your skin and hair, ensuring your comfort. The thickened sponge design visually lifts the top of the skull, and the cute hair accessories can also help to reshape your face.

This headband is versatile and can be used for various activities, including facial treatments, face cleaning, spa sessions, pool time, yoga, showers, and more. It makes a fabulous beauty gift for spas, salons, makeup artists, and anyone who loves skincare and spa treatments.

Wrist Wash band ( Washing Face Towel Band & Scrunchies )

세안 손목 밴드

Introducing the ultimate solution to your troubles - the Wash Band!

Do you often find yourself inconvenienced by water running down your arms while washing your face, soaking your precious clothes in the process? Say goodbye to these worries with our Wash Band!

Designed in delightful pastel colors, this wristband is not only adorable but also highly functional. Simply slide it onto your wrist while washing your face, and its strong absorbent properties will prevent water from trickling down.

After use, just wring out the water and let it dry, leaving it ready for your next use, ensuring a smooth and dry experience every time.

But that's not all! With its excellent elasticity, this band can also be used to tie your hair, making it a versatile and must-have item for everyone, anytime, anywhere.

Available in Baby Pink, the Wash Band is a practical and fashionable accessory suitable for all ages and genders. Get yours today and experience a new level of comfort and convenience!


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