Incellderm botalab Deserticola Water Treatment


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보타랩 데저티콜라 트리트먼트

Deserticola Water Treatment

워시오프타입 고농축 워터 트리트먼트

  • 용량 및 중량   300ml(10.14 fl.oz.)
  • 기능성 화장품 유무: 탈모증상 완화 기능성 화장품 [질병의 예방 및 치료를 위한 의약품이 아님]
  • 피부타입모든 피부타입


Deserticola Water Treatment

  • Volume and weight

          300ml / 10.14 fl oz

  • Main Specifications

          Can be used for all hair and scalp types

  • For anti hair loss benefits. Not a medical prevention or treatment for illness.
  • Warnings

      If you experience any abnormal symptoms or side effects such as redness, swelling,         or itchiness after using a product, please consult your doctor.
     Do not use on wounded areas
    Precautions for storage and handling:
     - Keep out of reach of children
     - Avoid direct sunlight

  • Manufactured by

          Seoul Cosmetics, South Korea

  • How to use
  1. Remove the round cap and replace with included twist open cap
    *The twisting cap opens and closes to make application and storage easier
  2. After shampoo, apply generously thoroughly throughout hair and scalp
  3. Take a small amount in hands and thoroughly massage hair and scalp
    *While massaging, the warmth from hands will create a creamy texture
  4. To maximize benefits, leave on hair and scalp for 1-2 minutes
  5. Then rinse cleanly with lukewarm water