IPKN NEWEST HONEY POWDER PACT 13.5g / 0.47 oz. 입큰 뉴이스트 허니 파우더 팩트 13.5g / 0.47 oz.


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입큰 뉴이스트 허니 파우더 팩트 13.5g / 0.47 oz.

Introducing the No. 8 Edition Honey Pact – the 8th masterpiece from Pact Artisans. Achieve the flawless radiance of pure milky baby skin with our Baby Honey Complex™, an infusion of rich honey ingredients. This 20th-anniversary edition pact, crafted with expertise, brings you the essence of honey in a single touch.
  • Experience the Baby Honey Complex™ – a blend of nourishing honey elements that instantly supply moisture and nutrients, leaving your skin brimming with vitality. No. 8 Edition Honey Pact is designed for a honey-like fix with just one touch!
  • Featuring a silicone strap for stability, it allows for a convenient touch-up anywhere, anytime! During the final step of your makeup base routine, take an appropriate amount on the puff, gently tap to even out, and apply smoothly using a dabbing motion. Immerse your skin in the luxury of fine Essential Pixel Powder, effortlessly filling wrinkles and pores, resulting in a smooth and flawless complexion.
  • No more oil blotting sheets needed! Enjoy a light fit with seamless coverage. The combination of honeycomb-shaped powder and plate powder ensures impeccable adherence and a velvety texture, giving your skin a natural, radiant finish. Don't miss the chance to elevate your makeup experience with the No. 8 Edition Honey Pact!