IPKN NEWYORK ESSENCE3 (CUBE) BASE 42ml, SPF 30 PA++ 입큰 뉴욕 에센스3 (큐브) 베이스 42ml, SPF 30 PA++


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입큰 뉴욕 에센스3 (큐브) 베이스 42ml, SPF 30 PA++


Bright Complexion Base

#Revitalizing Skin Radiance #Pore Tightening #Skin Tone Correction
Recommended for those who desire a pore essence formula that provides non-sticky moisture and visibly clearer skin tone.
  • Green tea essence enhances skin vitality, while tannin-rich green tea caffeine tightens pores, leaving the skin smooth and pore-free.
  • Exclusive Liquid Ice Cube3: A lightweight and moisturizing essence formula that glides on smoothly, offering non-irritating, dewy coverage and promoting a visibly clearer skin tone.
    • Exclusive Liquid Ice3 provides a thin and light application, along with intense hydration and essential nutrients.
    • Plant-based essence ingredients & functional essence components create a stable and moisturizing effect.
  • Meet your everyday pore care for delicate skin! Formulated with 7 additives, it is suitable for sensitive, troubled, and normal skin. Free of animal oils, mineral oils, benzophenone, GMO, phthalates, tar colorants, and alkylbenzoate.
  • Featured Ingredients
    • Hyaluronic Acid: Natural moisturizing factor for enhanced radiance.
    • Collagen: Promotes skin elasticity.
    • Blueberry: Antioxidant for skin health.

Point 1: Smooth Pore Base

Infused with Ice Cube3, it provides a lightweight and smooth texture for the skin.

Point 2: Clear Skin Tone Correction

- Brightens up a dull complexion with a mint/green color correction, leaving a vibrant and clear skin tone.

- Illuminates a lackluster complexion with a lavender hue, infusing vibrancy and clarity into the skin tone.

Point 3: Safe Formula

Formulated without 7 additives, ensuring gentle care for even the most sensitive skin.