IPKN SATIN FINISH PACT 15g + Refil 15g SPF50+, PA+++ 입큰 새틴 피니쉬 파우더 팩트 15g + 리필 15g SPF50+, PA+++


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IPKN SATIN FINISH PACT 15g + Refil 15g SPF50+, PA+++

입큰 새틴 피니쉬 파우더 팩트 15g + 리필 15g SPF50+, PA+++

Lightweight Feel, Radiant Tone-Up, Moisturizing without Stickiness,
Thin Adhesion, Subtle Fragrance

This powder pact, featuring a lightweight and airy powder, naturally covers the skin, creating a smooth satin finish. As you gently pat, it follows the skin's texture, providing a soft and smooth fit. Ideal for brightening up a dull skin tone caused by sebum and oil, the light particles of the powder correct and enhance makeup transparency.

Maintain Transparency with Lightweight Airy Powder

  • Soft and fine airy powder adheres evenly to the skin without clumping, maintaining the initial makeup look for an extended period.
  • Coats the surface pores and fine lines transparently, presenting a smooth skin texture.
  • Silky application ensures absorption into the skin without a dry sensation.

Sebum Control Micro Beads Inclusion

  • Various sizes of porous microbeads smoothly adhere to the skin's crevices.
  • Absorbs sebum and sweat, preventing darkening of pigments and avoiding makeup breakdown.


Radiant Tone-Up Effect

  • Lightweight powder particles transparently correct makeup.
  • Brightens up the skin tone, preventing dullness caused by sebum and oil.
  • Gently patting follows the skin texture for a soft and smooth fit.


Main Ingredients

  • AQUAXYL: Enhances moisture retention, keeping the skin surface moist for an extended time.
  • INOSITOL: A water-loving vitamin providing excellent moisture supply and vitality.

Recommended for:

  • Individuals experiencing excess oil and makeup breakdown after application.
  • Those seeking a powder pact that is clump-free, lightweight, and non-drying.
  • Individuals looking for sun care and makeup in one product.
  • Those wanting to finish UV protection and makeup simultaneously.