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Isntree Onion Newpair B5 Ampoule 50ml 이즈앤트리 어니언 뉴페어 B5 앰플 50ml

Isntree Onion Newpair B5 Ampoule 50ml 이즈앤트리 어니언 뉴페어 B5 앰플 50ml

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Isntree Onion Newpair B5 Ampoule 50ml

이즈앤트리 어니언 뉴페어 B5 앰플 50ml


Introducing the "ONION NEWPAIR B5 AMPOULE" by ISNTREE, a powerhouse skincare solution meticulously crafted to revitalize and transform your skin. This lightweight and fast-absorbing ampoule have been formulated with a unique blend of active ingredients, boasting a remarkable 90% concentration to deliver unparalleled results.
At the heart of this transformative potion is the exclusive 85% Muan Red Onion Extract, cultivated in mineral-rich red soil known for its abundance of germanium and essential minerals. This extract lends its potent properties to reduce and soothe blemishes, offering targeted care for concerns such as dull skin, pigmentation, and damaged skin barrier.
The fortifying effects of 5% Panthenol enhance the ampoule's ability to strengthen and repair the skin barrier, promoting resilience and suppleness. Infused with Ferulic ACT at 1,499PPM, the carefully curated combination of Ferulic Acid, Acetylglucosamine, Caffeine, and Tranexamic Acid works harmoniously to achieve a more even skin tone, diminish dark spots, and boost the skin's natural defenses.
For those battling post-acne marks, sensitized skin due to a compromised barrier, dull complexion, or dry skin, this ampoule is your go-to solution. The innovative formulation not only improves the damaged skin barrier but also nourishes the skin with Allantoin, Betaine, and Triple-Hyal, leaving it hydrated, firm, and radiant.
The easy entry to active green provided by the nutrition-rich Muan Red Onion ensures a revitalizing experience for your skin. To indulge in its benefits, simply apply 2-3 drops in a circular motion, allowing the ampoule to be quickly absorbed into the skin. Gently tap the skin, and feel the transformation as it leaves your skin feeling soft, supple, and ready to face the day.
Unlock the secret to radiant, resilient skin with the "ONION NEWPAIR B5 AMPOULE" — a skincare essential that goes beyond routine, offering targeted care for a flawless complexion.


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