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KENT Compact Ultra Soft Toothbrush 6EA 켄트 콤팩트 초극세모 칫솔 6개입

KENT Compact Ultra Soft Toothbrush 6EA 켄트 콤팩트 초극세모 칫솔 6개입

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KENT Compact Ultra Soft Toothbrush 6EA

켄트 콤팩트 초극세모 칫솔 6개입

Experience the refreshing feeling of Kent toothbrushes every day! Set a new standard with the Compact Ultra Soft Toothbrush with Micro Thin Bristles.

The small head with approximately 3,000 bristles provides a rich brushing experience, effectively removing plaque. It is suitable for children aged 7 and above as well as adults.

G.B Kent has been selected as a royal supplier since the reign of King George III of England (1760-1820) and has been recognized for its highest quality ever since. This toothbrush is a product made by Kent Oral under a license agreement with G.B Kent in the UK.



  • Ultra Soft 0.01mm Micro Thin Tapered Bristle: Features over 3,000 rich, ultra-thin, and soft bristles for effective cleaning. Both sides of the ultra-fine bristles, processed to a 0.01mm level, are gentle on the gums and optimal for relatively weak modern individuals, easily removing debris trapped in narrow gaps between teeth.
  • Small Head: The 27mm small head reaches deep into every corner of your mouth for a thorough clean.
  • Silver-Containing Antibacterial Bristles: Contains silver antibacterial agents for enhanced cleanliness.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Made from 100% recyclable materials.

The ergonomic design applies a crescent-shaped bristle formation technology, providing a curved ultra-thin bristle for a smile anytime. The toothbrush wraps around the teeth and gums during brushing, providing a more effective gum massage and cleaning.

Kent Oral's toothbrush processes both ends of the ultra-fine bristles to a 0.01mm level, making it much softer than conventional toothbrushes, making it ideal for those with sensitive gums. It not only provides a gentle gum massage but also delivers a refreshing clean with the best cleaning effect for a fresh mouth.


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