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KENT ORIGINAL TOOTHPASTE Fresh 120g 켄트 오리지날 치약 프레쉬 120g

KENT ORIGINAL TOOTHPASTE Fresh 120g 켄트 오리지날 치약 프레쉬 120g

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켄트 오리지날 치약 프레쉬 120g

Experience the refreshing peppermint scent of KENT Original Fresh Toothpaste after brushing. Stay true to the basics with this honest toothpaste, just like the reputation of KENT toothbrushes.

  • Thorough ingredient inspection
  • Special recipe
  • Strict production and inspection
  • Refreshing peppermint scent
  • Plaque and odor removal
  • Maintaining bright and strong teeth
As a specialist in oral total care, KENT Oral is starting a new history with KENT toothpaste. KENT Oral, famous for its premium toothbrushes, which have been supplied to the British royal family for 243 years, has developed KENT Original Toothpaste through collaboration with leading technical experts to establish an oral total care system.

When KENT, the "toothbrush of the royals," makes toothpaste, it becomes a premium product.

For safe and healthy oral care, we have included three types of natural organic herb extracts: chamomile extract, rosemary extract, and calendula extract. We have also increased the menthol content for those who seek freshness.

A toothpaste committed to the basics, without being flashy or embellished, staying true to the essence of toothpaste. It is faithful to the original function of toothpaste: plaque removal (anti-plaque), cavity prevention, odor removal, and maintaining bright and strong teeth.

The toothpaste is colorless and transparent.

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