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KENT Original Ulta Soft Toothbrush 6EA 켄트 오리지널 초극세모 칫솔 6개입

KENT Original Ulta Soft Toothbrush 6EA 켄트 오리지널 초극세모 칫솔 6개입

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KENT Original Ulta Soft Toothbrush 6EA

켄트 오리지널 초극세모 칫솔 6개입

Experience the refreshing feeling of Kent Oral every day! Feel the freshness in your mouth three times a day.

G.B Kent has been selected as a royal supplier since the reign of King George III of England (1760-1820) and has been recognized for its highest quality ever since. This toothbrush is a product made by Kent Oral under a license agreement with G.B Kent in the UK.



  • Ultra Soft Double Ultra Fine Bristles: Over 3,400 rich, thin, and soft upper bristles combined with micro-treated lower bristles clean away debris trapped in the interdental spaces.
  • Eco-Friendly Material: Made from 100% recyclable materials without concerns about environmental hormones.
  • Dual Functionality Ultra Soft Bristles: 0.01mm ultra fine bristles, over 3,400 rich bristles, containing silver antibacterial agents.
  • Optimized for Modern Individuals: Unlike ordinary or double fine bristle toothbrushes, both sides of the ultra-fine bristles processed to 0.01mm level are gentle on the gums and optimal for relatively weak modern individuals. It easily removes debris trapped in narrow gaps between teeth.

This toothbrush provides a gentle massage to the gums with over 3,400 rich, thin, and soft ultra-fine bristles, improving weakened gums. Kent Oral's toothbrush processes both ends of the ultra-fine bristles to a 0.01mm level, making it much softer than conventional toothbrushes, making it ideal for those with sensitive gums. It not only provides a gentle gum massage but also delivers a refreshing clean with the best cleaning effect for a fresh mouth.


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