Liz K First C Serum Pink Pure Vitamin C 15%, 10ml X 5ea 리즈케이 퍼스트 C 세럼 핑크 퓨어 비타민씨 10ml X 5ea


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Liz K First C 5 Serum Pink Pure Vitamin C 15%, 10ml X 5ea

리즈케이 퍼스트 C5 세럼 핑크 퓨어 비타민씨 10ml X 5ea 

Revitalized skin through pink vitamin

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From moisturizing, brightening, glow, wrinkle improvement, to elasticity, all of the above are taken care of at once.

Stronger, faster, more effective.

  • First First C! Take care without worries with the patented photostabilizing vitamin C. -First C's 'light stabilized vitamin C' is strong against oxidation and browning, so you can experience the efficacy of the good ingredient for a long time.
  • 3 types of vitamin C for less irritation and more efficacy -  Vitamin C derivative Whitening functional ingredient(1%) Ethyl Ascorbyl Ether, Patented Pepta Vitamin C(0.01%), Patented Hyaluronic Vitamin C(0.01%) 
  • Pink anti oxidizing ingredient, Total content 38% - Don't worry about synthetic colorants. It's the color of flowers from nature. (15 types of flower extracts, First C biotics, Vitamin B12, Anthocyanins, Tetrahydropiperine)
Smooth out the skin with a toner in the morning and evening and apply an appropriate amount on the face, neck and desired area for soft absorption.
It is better to use this product with a moisturizing mask pack or moisture cream.
*We recommend the use of UV protection when going outside.