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ANDO SIKUTANG COFFEE 3.5g x 30 Sticks 안도 시쿠탱 3.5g x 30포

ANDO SIKUTANG COFFEE 3.5g x 30 Sticks 안도 시쿠탱 3.5g x 30포

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안도 시쿠탱 3.5g x 30포

Introducing Sikutang - your path to a lighter and healthier lifestyle begins with the simplicity of a single cup! Unveil the secrets of wise dieting and embark on a journey to reduce body fat with this carefully crafted blend.

🌿 Functional Ingredients for Wise Dieting:

Sikutang boasts a thoughtful blend of functional ingredients, with Garcinia Cambogia extract taking the lead. Known for its ability to inhibit the synthesis of carbohydrates into fat, Sikutang offers valuable assistance in reducing body fat. Embrace the convenience of achieving your health goals in every sip!

☕ Premium Vietnamese Coffee Experience:

Indulge in the richness of premium Vietnamese coffee powder, carefully sourced to deliver an exquisite taste in every cup. Sikutang doesn't compromise on flavor - it's a delightful fusion of quality, safety, and ease, all conveniently packed into a single sachet.

🍃 Natural and Beneficial Additions:

Enhanced with extracts such as green tea, white kidney bean, and lemon balm leaf, Sikutang goes beyond a traditional coffee experience. Vitamins B1, B2, and B6 are also included, providing additional nutritional support for your well-being.

🌟 Proven Results in Body Fat Reduction:

Backed by human application tests, Garcinia Cambogia in Sikutang has shown promising results in reducing subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, and overall body fat. Choose a product with proven efficacy for your dietary journey.

🕰️ Convenient Daily Regimen:

Incorporate Sikutang into your daily routine effortlessly. Simply enjoy one sachet before or after meals, and with only 12.5kcal per sachet, it's an easy and guilt-free addition to your diet. Dissolves easily in cold water, providing a hassle-free experience.

🌿 Trusted and Safe:

Sikutang follows stringent procedures and has been registered with the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety as a 'health functional food.' This ensures that you can trust Sikutang for its safety and efficacy.

🌞 Ideal for Various Lifestyles:

Perfect for those with high carbohydrate intake, individuals seeking a flexible diet, or anyone concerned about excess belly fat and body fat. Sikutang caters to the modern lifestyle, addressing the needs of those with busy schedules and diverse dietary preferences.

Embark on your journey to a healthier you with Sikutang - the ideal companion for those who value taste, functionality, and simplicity in their pursuit of well-being. Elevate your dieting experience, one cup at a time! 🌱✨ #Sikutang #DietInACup #GarciniaMagic


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