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MediAnswer Pore Collagen Clear Pad 80P 메디앤서 포어 콜라겐 클리어 패드 80P

MediAnswer Pore Collagen Clear Pad 80P 메디앤서 포어 콜라겐 클리어 패드 80P

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MediAnswer Pore Collagen Clear Pad 80P

메디앤서 포어 콜라겐 클리어 패드 80P


Why we love it

  • It is a Collagen Toner Pad developed by MediAnswer, a master of collagen product you can trust.
  • It is a daily pore tightening product that wipes away both skin impurities and your skin-related worries. Just wipe it and absorb the toner onto your skin.
  • A double-functional cosmetic that helps with brightening and wrinkle improvement.
  • It helps reduce 7 types of enlarged pores with its patented ingredients that are helpful in pore tightening and sebum removal.
  • It showed improvements in reducing enlarged pores (130%) and elasticity (106.9%).
  • With its mild exfoliating ingredients, it showed improvements in instant dead skin cells’ removal (165.87%), in skin texture (112.37%), and in heated skin cooling (-6.7 degree)
  • The refreshing pore collagen ampoule toner, along with microfiber snowflake-like cotton pad, help you enjoy a perfect collagen care every day.
  • It is snowflake-like, embossed cotton pads that allow you to delicately wipe the skin.
  • It showed improvements in reduction enlarged pores (95.8%), pores elasticity (95.8%), skin texture (95.8%), along with overall satisfaction (100%).
  • A sensitive skin test is completed, meaning it is gentle to use every day.
  • It's perfect for those who want to do a daily firming care, those who want smooth and firm skin texture, those who are worried about saggy skins, and those who are worried about enlarged pores.

Featured ingredients
It contains 79% of collagen extract, helping skin absorption.
It is a pore firming ampoule toner with full of collagen nutrition.

How to use
1. Wipe off the entire face toward skin texture with the cotton pads, and absorb the remaining tonor onto the skin by patting it.
2. Put the pads on the areas that need improvement, just like a mask pack!

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