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MediAnswer Pore Collagen Mask Sheet 메디앤서 포어 콜라겐 마스크

MediAnswer Pore Collagen Mask Sheet 메디앤서 포어 콜라겐 마스크

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MediAnswer Pore Collagen Mask Sheet 5ea

메디앤서 포어 콜라겐 마스크 5매


Why we love it

  • The MediAnswer Pore Collagen Mask can solve all your summer skin problems, such as pores, elasticity, moisture, and heat, with just one face mask.
  • The more it is absorbed, the thinner and more transparent it becomes.
  • With MediAnswers patented TDS technology, it has an even more effective absorption.
  • Testing showed a higher effect on collagen skin penetration when applying collagen and TDS technology together (for 30 minutes) than just using collagen, proving that applying the patented TDS technology is effective in delivering active ingredients.
  • A satisfaction survey on the product showed a 100% satisfaction rate on improving stretched pores, elasticity around the pores, the number and surface area of pores, skin texture, skin moisture, and skin smoothness.
  • The product showed its pore elasticity effect by proving to improve pore elasticity, stretched pores, tightening pores, skin texture, and cooling effects in strict testing.

Featured ingredients

  • Containing 83% collagen extract made reliably in France, this collagen mask provides high-quality 500Da collagen which is easy for the skin to absorb.
  • Containing 10,000ppm of triple pore solution, the product focuses on improving the sebum and pores: clay (from Spain) adheres onto excessive sebum and improves skin greasiness, the Anti Sebum P is a domestically patented component for pore tightening, and ACZERO is a domestically patented sebum care component.

How to use
1 After washing the face and smoothing down the skin with toner, take out both halves of the face mask and remove the film.
Applying the lower half first helps it adhere better.
2 Place the side of the mask that had the film onto the face, centered around the eyes for the upper half and the mouth for the lower half.
3 After approximately 30 minutes, remove the mask and pat the residue onto the skin to absorb it.
Use after reading the instructions thoroughly; do not reuse this product.
Individual times may differ for the mask to grow transparent.

This product has 5 sheets of the MediAnswer Pore Collagen Mask.





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