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MediAnswer Vita Collagen Glow Pad 80P 메디앤서 비타 콜라겐 글로우 패드 80P

MediAnswer Vita Collagen Glow Pad 80P 메디앤서 비타 콜라겐 글로우 패드 80P

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MediAnswer Vita Collagen Glow Pad 80P

메디앤서 비타 콜라겐 글로우 패드 80P


Why we love it

  • It is a Collagen Toner Pad developed by MediAnswer, a master of collagen product you can trust.
  • It is a daily firming & glow care product that wipes away both skin impurities as well as your skin-related issues. Just wipe it and absorb the toner onto your skin.
  • It has been tested to improve skin elasticity, and you can feel improvement in skin elasticity with just a single sheet.
  • After a single use, it improved skin luster by 123.53%, skin clarity by 107.20%, and it smoothed out skin texture by 105.03%,
  • The Vita Collagen Glow Pad, which helps remove even the smallest freckles deep inside the skin, showed clinically-proven improvement in reducing 7 types of freckles.
  • Moisturizing Vita Collagen Ampoule Toner, along with its adhesive & strong pads, provides a soft daily vita collagen care.
  • It showed improvements in terms of skin elasticity, spots and pigmentation, melanin size, skin tone-up, with 100% satisfaction about the product and 95.8% of skin glow improvement.
  • It is a mild product that has completed skin test for sensitive skin.
  • It's perfect for those who want easy-to-use daily skincare for elasticity, those who want to make their dull, dark complexion clear and clear, those who are worried about sagging skin, and those who are worried about increasing fine wrinkles.

Featured ingredients

  • It contains 79% of collagen extract, helping skin absorption.
  • It contains 10,000 PPM of multi-vitamin.
  • It contains 50,000 PPM of Nicotinamide to help brighten the skin.
  • It contains Centella Asiatica Extract, which helps soothe the skin.
  • It contains Sodium Hyaluronate, which helps moisturize the skin.
  • It contains 5 different types of peptides, which help firm the skin.

How to use
1. Wipe off the entire face toward skin texture with the cotton pads, and absorb the remaining tonor onto the skin by patting it.
2. Put the pads on the areas that need improvement, just like a mask pack!


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