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MIXSOON Soybean Milk Pad (10ea) 믹순 두유 패드 1박스 (10매)

MIXSOON Soybean Milk Pad (10ea) 믹순 두유 패드 1박스 (10매)

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MIXSOON Soybean Milk Pad (10ea)

믹순 두유 패드 1박스 (10매)


Product Description

  • Soybean Milk Pad: Portable multipack pad that is hygienic and usable anywhere. There are 3 sheets in one pack. Full of essence which is cool, moisturizing and nutritious.
  • Texture: Mask sheet with essence texture
  • Key Ingredients: Soybean fermentation extract keeps skin hydrated and feels fresh.
  • How to Use: Clear your skin with one side of the pack and put the sheets anywhere needed on your face including neck. Put off after 10 minutes and gently pat on face until absorption.


mixsoon Soybean Milk Pad contains 3 pads soaked with rich nutrition and moisture from fermented beans. Simply apply to dull, dry skin for 20 minutes to boost skin glow in the morning.
Additionally, it is recommended for makeup touch-ups as it provides moisture and leaves your skin looking refreshed when wiped away.
Suitable for a daily use, day and night.


Wipe and smooth out skin texture with one side of the pad to prep your skin for skincare or makeup.


Leave the milk pads on your skin, horizontally or vertically, for up to 20 minutes for extra hydrative care on desired areas.


Use remaining essence inside the pouch on other body areas that need extra moisture such as: neck, elbows, and knees.



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