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MUZIGAE MANSION Objet Liquid 6mL (20Colors) 무지개맨션 오브제 리퀴드 6mL (20색)

MUZIGAE MANSION Objet Liquid 6mL (20Colors) 무지개맨션 오브제 리퀴드 6mL (20색)

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MUZIGAE MANSION Objet Liquid 6mL (20Colors)

무지개맨션 오브제 리퀴드 6mL (20색)


Vegan object cosmetics seeking an escape from the banalities of everyday life


Blurring Gel & Airy fitting

The blurring gel fills in every part of the lips and makes multifaceted reflection to create a blurred, velvet-smooth lip look with an airy finish

Mix complex

Contains an exclusive complex of patented ingredients, including Backhousia citriodora, Thyme extract, Rosa canina fruit oil, and more

Signature fragrance

Fragranced with subtle, greenery signature scent, reminiscent of relaxing moments in the forest filled with a dewy, earthy aroma


  • MUZIGAE MANSION is a vegan object cosmetics brand that takes the boredom out of everyday life. Inspired by the familiar things that are often overlooked and reinvent subconscious ideas from a new perspective. Our uniqueness transforms you into a different mood, and you will experience a new perception of yourself from your surroundings. 
  • For the fresh new season, the MUZIGAE MANSION's color of choice is pink, and it's as bright and romantic as ever. Each of the four moody pinks is elegant, uplifting, and vibrant, signaling a new beginning. 
  • This vegan base is certified by the UK Vegan Society, the world's oldest and most prestigious vegan organization.
  • The blurring gel fills in the curves of the lips and creates multi-dimensional reflections for a filtered blush and a lightness that feels like a compressed version of a traditional velvet tint. It included a subtle, earthy signature scent that reminded us of our time in the dewy, earthy woods.

Featured ingredients

It contains a proprietary complex of ingredients including Backhousia Citriodora, thyme extra, and Rosa Canina Fruit Oil.

How to use

Take an appropriate amount with the applicator and apply evenly from the inside of the lips and give a gradation look.



[NEW] 017 Softy: A cotton candy pink that's full of loveliness to enhance flawless skin.

[NEW] 018 Knock Out: An upbeat, energetic magenta pink that's sure to set trends.

[NEW] 019 Lavish: An elegant, gorgeous rosy pink that you can't get enough of.

[NEW] 020 Pleasure: A fluorescent glow to the skin, an intriguing coral pink that stands out wherever you go.

001 Barely: An apricot beige that naturally illuminates lip lines and skin tone with a hint of freshness.

002 Sequence: An all-around toned-down nude pink that doesn't burn skin tones and can be used in any sequence.

003 Stranger: A luxurious and elegant marsala rose with just a hint of brown.

004 Affection: A gorgeous romantic pink that captivates everyone with its fresh and lovely vibe.

005 Stunning: A vibrant fuchsia pink full of confidence.

006 Notable: Orange-brown to enhance your authentic vibe.

007 Chillin: An emotional, wearable new chili with the perfect ratio of red, orange and brick.

008 Dominant: A neutral under red with a dominant, cynical vibe.

009 Perception: A mauve, burgundy with a deeply seductive, addictive quality that's hard to escape the moment it's recognized.

010 Undone: A brown brick with an unmistakable, bold attitude.

011 Poison: A pale nude base that can be layered with any color for an elegant look.

012 Symbol: Deep rose, the new iconic color of sophisticated cool and romance.

013 Appeal: A signature mauve that adds just the right amount of sensuality to create a mood like you've never seen before.

014 Tension: A tan beige that adds sophistication to the lips and reveals their innate luxury.

015 Pride: A yellowish, sultry pecan brown with an intrinsic confidence that's admirable.

016 After: A burnt pig ripe for the picking, guided by an enterprising mind.

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