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O HUI (오휘)

O HUI FOR MEN Neofeel Hydrating set (오휘 포맨 네오필 2종 세트)

O HUI FOR MEN Neofeel Hydrating set (오휘 포맨 네오필 2종 세트)

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O HUI FOR MEN  Neofeel Hydrating set

(오휘 포맨 네오필 2종 세트)

Total 4pcs

  • Neofeel Hydrating Toner
  • Neofeel Moisturizing Emulsion
  • 2 Travel Kit

Exposed to an ever-worsening environment, including a depleted ozone layer, aggravated pollution, and an imbalanced lifestyle, the healthy skin of today's man is placed under stress and subtly but gradually begins to age, developing increased sheen and enlarged pores. O HUI for Men Neofeel uses new nano-technology to deliver its active ingredients—Asebiol, Rhodiola rosea, and niacinamide—deep within the skin to control excessive sebum and provide care for enlarged pores, ensuring effective skincare

Neofeel hydrating toner is a skin softener that refreshes the skin with its bergamot and citrus green fragrance.
It adjusts the skin's pH balance after washing the face, controls excessive sebum, and hydrates pores enlarged by stress for a fresh sensation.
Neofeel moisturizing emulsion is a nourishing lotion that uses nano-technology. Gently absorbed with a fresh feeling, it controls sebum and provides care to pores enlarged by the external environment.
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