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[PACK OF 6] OTTOGI Cup Noodle Maratang 오뚜기 컵누들 마라탕

[PACK OF 6] OTTOGI Cup Noodle Maratang 오뚜기 컵누들 마라탕

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OTTOGI Cup Noodle Maratang

오뚜기 컵누들 마라탕


Satisfy your craving for hot and spicy Maratang with the convenience of Cup Noodles! If you've been avoiding indulging in this fiery favorite due to calorie concerns, worry no more. With OTTOGI Cup Noodle Maratang, you can enjoy the satisfaction without the guilt, as it's only 150 calories even when you slurp up every last drop of the broth. 

Crafted with a base of rich bone broth, blended with the tantalizing heat of authentic Maratang spices, nutty sesame, and savory peanuts, this Maratang boasts a universally enjoyable level of spiciness, rated at a moderate 1.5 on the heat scale. 

Featuring OTTOGI's signature chewy noodles and essential tofu pieces, our Cup Noodle Maratang offers a delightful harmony of textures—tender noodles and silky tofu—for a truly satisfying dining experience. 

Experience the perfect balance of flavor and convenience with OTTOGI Cup Noodle Maratang today!


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